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our story

"The best beers are the ones shared with friends and family."

When Oddstory opened, December 31st of 2016, we had no idea what the journey would look like and where it would take us. Because of the incredible community in Chattanooga and lots of hard work, a dream has turned into a thriving business filled with friends who feel like family. Since then, it’s been a wild and wonderful ride of growing deep roots and doing our best to provide the highest quality of beer, atmosphere and overall experience

you could ask for.

We love this city we call home, and we wouldn’t be in the amazing place we are today as a business

if it weren’t for you!

IMG_2542 2.JPG

Beer and storytelling go hand in hand, and always have throughout history. At Oddstory, we want to continue that legacy and encourage people to come together, share stories and make new ones over our beer.

We look at what we do differently and want to give you more than just a beer. We strive to create an experience in a glass; inviting you into our story and giving you a place to share yours.

We're proud to now bring Chattanooga

this experience at two locations:

Central & The Greenhouse.

Drink ours,Tell yours.

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