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The foundation of Oddstory is built in the brewhouse.

This is where our brewers harness their creative minds and craft a unique journey for our customers in each and every pint. Brewing beer is a true balance between art and science. It takes expertise in biochemistry as well as artistic originality to create a truly inspired product.


Oddstory utilizes four different "house" strains of yeast to keep our draft wall as differentiated as possible. Those strains are responsible for our four foundational flagship beers but allow us to reach beyond everyday styles to create unique experiences. On our tapwall you can find traditional German Lagers, historic Trappist Ales, mixed-culture Sour Ales, dessert inspired Stouts, and so much more. Our brewers thrive in the ability to craft outside of the lines of normality and push the boundaries on modern brewing. 

We love the challenge of finding a balance between tradition and innovation, brewing beer the way it’s been done for many millennia, while also forging our own paths in the industry.

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