live a life that
is worth telling

As a way to encourage and continue the tradition of storytelling, we’ve worked to feature people in the Chattanooga community who inspire us.


We’ve asked each person:

What are you passionate about?

What does a full life look like to you?


We think it matters what someone chooses to do with their life, but beyond that we care about why they do it. What is it that drives someone to carry on, even when it’s tough? We all have something that motivates us, that keeps us going. We are all on a similar journey and possess the same desire to do something meaningful and live a fulfilling life. It isn’t just where you end up that matters, it’s how you get there that makes it worthwhile.


OddStory Brewing Company.

Live a life that is worth telling.

OddStory was founded out of the love for beer and the relational atmosphere that surrounds its consumption.


As the years pass our passion remains:

good beer shared with good company,

as we share our stories.


The choices in the design of our taproom, the branding of our products, and the partnerships we have invested in along the way have all grown from this philosophy.

Stories are a touchstone for all of humanity. They hold the power to impact our lives whether they’re told around a campfire, watched on a screen, or even written on a beer can. They preserve memories and history, they teach and entertain, connect us and allow us to relate to one another.